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  1. MYECCHO is not an emergency service − please contact local authorities if there is an immediate threat to life or property.
  2. Before reporting via MYECCHO, consider whether you feel comfortable directly speaking with someone at your organization.
  3. MYECCHO is a method for the secure, confidential and anonymous reporting of issues and concerns that may be illegal or unethical.
  4. Organizations using MYECCHO pledge to a non-retaliation policy and honesty in the answer/response to every report.
  1. To submit a report, start by entering your company name. You will then have access to your organization’s ethics code as well as a list of alternate methods established by your organization to submit reports.
  2. After submitting a report, you will be given a report number and passcode.
  3. The report will be processed by a MYECCHO representative and securely forwarded to the designated contact(s) within your organization.
  4. The report number and passcode will enable you to check the answer/response provided by your organization & add more information to the report at a later date.